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Benefits of a beachside holiday

Previous research has found that taking a beachside holiday has a greater impact on emotional wellbeing than any other form of holiday, but why is taking a beach holiday so beneficial for you as an individual? Here are a few reasons why!

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Spending time in the sea

Spending time in the sea is great exercise, no matter what activity you take part in. With swimming being a non-weight bearing exercise, a dip in the ocean helps you to exercise, without putting too much of a strain on your body.

For the more adventurous holiday goer, water sports take this to the next level, adding an increase in exercise level, meaning you can gain more benefits, as well as a full body workout. With an outdoor activities centre so close to us here at Braddicks, The Ultimate Activity Centre will most certainly offer you a workout if you are seeking one! Details can be found on their website here.

If you would just prefer to frolic in the sea, the water can be very beneficial to your health. Sea water dries out the skin, and with the salt acting as a natural exfoliate, your complexion can benefit from spending time in the water. With the temperature being slightly cooler when in the sea, this can increase your blood circulation, which reduces water retention.

The levels of silicon in the sea can leave the skin looking and feeling younger, and can help to tone. Iodine is also found in sea water, and can help promote hair growth, as well as giving it an added shine. Who needs a trip to the spa when you can have a dip in the ocean!

Fresh produce

Being so close to the sea means the opportunity to sample the delights that she has to offer, with an array of fresh seafood on offer at our Pier House restaurant, which is only a short distance from our holiday homes.

Fish and seafood are naturally low in fat, and many types of fish contain omega-3, which is very good for your heart. Many types of shellfish contain antioxidants and can help to give your immune system a boost. With all these advantages, sampling what we have on offer at the Pier House is most definitely recommended! Details for the Pier House can be found here.

Spending time in the sun

Providing you wear the correct factor of sunscreen, spending some time in the sun can be good for you. Exposure to Vitamin D found in ultraviolet rays can be beneficial to our bodies, as it helps promote strong bones.

It can also be beneficial to your hair, which will grow faster and stronger than before. The same will happen to your fingernails, and sunlight can help to repair blemishes found on your skin as well! Of course, the sun must be respected, and care must be taken to suffer from overexposure!

Coastal air

Taking a walk along the beach, or one of the coastal paths near us here at Braddicks can be extremely beneficial to you. The increased levels of oxygen can help you to feel a sense of rejuvenation, benefiting your skin, muscles and organs.

A survey also found that the most stress relieving sight was that of the sea, and watching and hearing the waves break on the shore has a calming effect. Spending time on the beach has also been found to evoke childhood nostalgia, which helps you relax and reminisce of days gone by.

Life can be difficult, and quite often, we can become quite regimented in our day to day lives. Taking the time out for a beachside holiday can help you to reflect and re-evaluate your lives, according to leading lifestyle coaches.

These are just a few of the fantastic reasons to enjoy a holiday by the sea, and with us here at Braddicks being a beachside holiday park North Devon, why not pay us a visit and reap the benefits for yourself?

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