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Devon ranks above London as desirable location for Lottery winners

I’m sure the majority of people have considered the question “What would I do if I won the Lottery?”, and now that question has been asked in a survey of over 4000 people.

Devon ranks above London for lottery winners North Devon caravan holidays Braddicks Holiday Centre

Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Competition website MyOffer’s survey was comprised of a number of different questions, one of which being where would individuals most like to relocate to if they won the jackpot.

Devon ended up finishing second on the most desirable UK locations, beating London, Dorset and Kent, and only being narrowly edged out by Cornwall, who finished in the top spot.

North Devon caravan holidays and beautiful scenery in the South West led to people choosing Devon as a place to relocate to if they won, and also helped secure the UK as a top 5 holiday destination for winners.

Other questions such as most desirable brand of car, luxury purchase and who winners would share their winnings with were also asked. If you are interested in seeing the full results, the full infographic can be found here.

You don’t need to have bagged the lottery jackpot to visit the one of the favourite region for would-be winners, so why not have a look at a holiday here at Braddicks Holiday Centre?

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