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Do North Devon Dog-Friendly Holidays Exist?

When looking for potential destinations in the UK for a holiday, North Devon will often crop up as a possibility, but some may be dissuaded from making a booking because of the lack of accommodation that caters to pets.

Although it can be difficult to source North Devon dog-friendly holidays, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Braddicks has been offering holidays for families and groups for several years, including their pets.

This means that those looking for North Devon dog-friendly holidays will find everything they need with Braddicks Holiday Centre.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of booking a holiday via Braddicks Holiday Centre.

A Wide Choice of Accommodation

When people are searching for North Devon dog-friendly holidays, it’s easy to assume that the accommodation available will be limited, but this is never the case with Braddicks Holiday Centre.

Those searching for a caravan holiday can make use of the Paws Caravan, which offers a gated decked terrace to ensure pets never abscond as the family enjoy the scenic sea views.

The Paws Caravan is spacious and sleeps up to eight people, so there’s never any need to dwell in cramped conditions.

Of course, not everyone will want a caravan experience, which is why Braddicks Holiday Centre ensures that there are other options available.

Those looking to make use of a villa with their four-legged friend can relax in the Paws Platinum Villa, which can sleep up to six people, has a master en-suite bathroom as well as allowing visitors access to allocated parking.

More to Offer Pets Than Just Accommodation

Although having a choice of accommodation when it comes to dogs can seem like a dream come true, Braddicks Holiday Centre knows that there is more to a holiday than where we sleep.

As such, several bars and attractions are more than happy to invite dogs into the premises, and even offer a series of threats including homemade dog biscuits.

There is also a dedicated exercise area for pets, as well as the opportunity to enjoy beautiful walks while taking in the amazing sights North Devon has to offer.

If you and the family are looking to spend some time with your pet, then why not enjoy a beautiful West Coastal walk.

Booking a Holiday with Braddicks Holiday Centre Couldn’t Be Easier

It’s not always the lack of options available that can hinder a holiday booking experience, but the booking experience itself.

As well as being able to offer dates for those searching for holidays in the future, Braddicks Holiday Centre also allows those wanting to book a holiday to peruse the last-minute availability with ease.

Instead of having to make several phone calls to secure a booking, customers can simply browse availability and make a booking with ease, including last-minute options.

Of course, if you would rather call to make a booking, then Braddicks Holiday Centre is happy to help with this, but knowing that a booking can be made with ease online makes booking a North Devon dog holiday that little bit easier.

Plenty of Entertainment for All the Family

As well as there being plenty for dogs to do, there is also an abundance of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

If you’re looking for live entertainment, then you will find everything you’re looking for at Braddicks Holiday Centre.

As well as a wide selection of bands and vocalists, gusts visiting Braddicks Holiday Centre can also enjoy comedians, magician and impressionists while choosing from a selection of different beverages.

A Lot of Choice in Relation to Eating Out

Although some will be keen to have a self-catering option available, there may still be times when the family just want to let loose and relax, so Braddicks Holiday Centre ensures that grabbing something to eat is never out of the question.

The Waterfront inn can supply a series of different dishes, as well as a play area for the children, so there’s never any reason for boredom to set in.

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with a loved one, then why not visit the Pier House. Situated on the cliffs at the end of the park and allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bideford Bay and Lundy Island.

Braddicks Holiday Centre can ensure that all the essential elements of a holiday are present without having to pay a small fortune for the privilege, then why not get in touch with Braddicks Holiday Centre to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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