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Dog Friendly Holidays in Devon

When choosing to holiday in the UK there are plenty of options available, and Devon has become a popular choice for family holidays as well as solo ventures.
However, some people can be hesitant in booking a holiday because they’re unsure of whether the places they visit will be suitable for their four-legged friends.
Finding dog-friendly holidays can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible. The following is an overview of some the holidays available when looking to go on holiday with your dog.
There are other factors that need to be considered when going on holiday with your dog, but knowing what options are available can make the decision making easier.

Consider a Home Away from Home

The great thing about Devon is that it caters for almost all type of traveller. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a rustic cottage or a modern hotel, chances are it will be available.
The same is true for dog owners. While there are many property owners that won’t allow animals, there are just as many that are keen to hire out their premises to families, regardless of whether dogs will be tagging along.

There are several different sites available that make searching for a dog-friendly cottage in Devon easy, and the choices available are plentiful.
Those looking for the same cosy conditions they enjoy at home may want to view the many cottage listings that offer properties for hire all around Devon.

Take a Break by The Beach

Although some beach holidays can seem similar, the beaches in Devon really are something else. What’s more they’re perfect for families that are hoping to take a trip with their pet dog.
There are several beaches scatted around Devon that are more than happy to accept dogs. The beaches include Putsborough Sands, Saunton Sands and Mill Bay.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of the beach, then why not book accommodation that’s nearby.

Dog owners should also ensure that they’re able to keep their dog under control when on the beach. Although some dogs are fine walking along the beach with out a lead, other dogs may be boisterous.

Make a Note of Dog-Friendly Attractions

There’s nothing worse that getting ready to visit somewhere, only to find that there are restrictions in place where dogs are concerned.
Fortunately, there are many establishments situated around Devon that make families and their pets feel at home.
The Clovelly Visitor Centre is a prime example of the perfect outing for families and their dogs. Not only is there a vast selection of gifts, there’s also no restrictions in place when it comes to dogs.
This means that families can enjoy some refreshment without having to leave their dog indoors.
Those who are looking for a bit more excitement may want to consider the cliff railway, a railway that offers an immersive water-powered railway, where dogs are also welcomed.

Finding the Right Eateries and Restaurants

When visiting somewhere new, it makes sense that eating out will be on the agenda. Again, those looking to take their dog to Devon must ensure that the restaurants can cater to dogs.
There are an abundance of different pubs, cafes and restaurants that are more than happy to serve those with dogs.
The places you visit can depend on where you’re looking to Devon, but for the most part you should find that there is very little hindrance when it comes to finding an establishment that meets your requirements.

Plan Something for You and Your Dog

It’s not always families that look to take their pet dog on holiday, as there are dog owners who just want to spend some quality time with their pet.
Devon can meet this requirement with very little effort, with some areas being able to provide activities for both dogs and their owners.
For example, Okehampton is situated in West Devon and not only offers historic views of medieval ruins seen in Okehampton Castle.
There are even businesses that offer accommodation and dog training as an inclusive deal, so there’s plenty of opportunities for dogs and their owners to bond.

Travelling with Dogs to Devon

Although some people may not have far to travel, others may have to travel for a few hours. Some dogs may be settled during the journey whereas others may become more settled.
If using public transport, then it can be worthwhile ensuring that there is nothing that’s going to be a hindrance during a journey.
In most instances, two dogs can be taken on public transport as long as they are on a lead.

However, there’s no harm in double-checking before, especially if you’re not sure.
Searching beforehand not only means that there are no problems when it comes to pubic transport

Other Factors to Consider

When planning a holiday with a dog, we also need to ensure that its behaviours and preferences are considered.
If it regularly becomes agitated by other dogs, then owners need to factor this into the decision-making.
If they’re visiting a dog-training centre, it won’t be an issue but could be a different story if the situation arises in a public area.
Some dogs may suffer when travelling for long periods, so again is another factor that needs to be considered.
Ultimately, Devon offers plenty for those with dogs, from training schools to scenic beaches. As such, there should be very little difficulty in planning the perfect trip if you consider all the factors of the journey.

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