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Low Cost Caravan Holiday: Benefits of Using Braddicks Holiday Centre for Small Breaks

More and more people are realising that enjoying a short break doesn’t have to cost a small fortune as made evident by the abundance of cheap caravan holidays available.

Despite there being a lot of great deals available, it’s still important to carry out some research before making a booking.

There’s nothing wrong with finding a great deal in relation to cheap caravan holidays, but it’s important that the caravan holiday you book is one you’ll enjoy.

Braddicks has been offering cheap caravan holidays for several years and understands that every person has their own requirements.

Therefore, Braddicks offers several different solutions that ensure that the cheap caravan holiday you book is one that will be remembered for the long term.

Enjoy Luxurious Sea Views

Although some cheap caravan holidays can seem like a great deal at the time, there will be instances when the location means that the holiday booked has very little value.

This is never the case with Braddicks Holiday Centre, as a vast majority of the caravans come complete with a luxurious sea view.

Even caravans that don’t offer sea views still offer an amazing view of the Kipling Tors.

As such, you can ensure that even with cheap caravan holidays, there always an immersive view to look forward to in the morning.

Different Caravans for Different Purposes

One of the main drawbacks with other cheap caravan holidays is that the type of caravan can be limited.

In some instances, the caravan booked could be a bit of a squeeze, whereas other instances could mean that there is too much space.

Braddicks Holiday Centre has made every effort to ensures that each caravan is a home away from home, meeting the most unique requirements.

For example, the Lundy View Caravan is part of the Platinum Caravan range and can sleep up to eight people and has a decked terrace which allows you to immersive you in the scenic views of Devon whenever the fancy takes you.

Searching for something more premium, then why not take advantage of the Sands Caravan which comes with an addition WC and offers a panoramic vies of the outside environment.

Enjoy Meals with a Scenic Setting

Although many enjoy preparing meals in the caravan, some will want to relax at some point, and the Pier House is the perfect way of doing this.

As well as being able to enjoy some of the freshest seafood options available, those dining in the Pier House can also enjoy salads and quintessential British meals, as well as a slew of delicious desserts.

Those who are missing a Sunday roast need not fear, as the Waterfront can offer one of the best carveries in Devon, as well as having a large outdoor boat for children to play on.

There’s also the option of a freshly cooked breakfast which is available until midday, as well as a vast selection of children’s means.

Never Be Disconnected

Although there’s plenty to do in Braddicks Holiday Centre, there will be times when you want to share your experience online or relax with some music while enjoying the surrounding view.

Fortunately, visitors to the Braddicks Holiday Centre are given access to free WIFI, which can be used to catch up on social media, watch movies or even search for more exciting things to do in Devon.

No Need to Forgo Entertainment When Booking Cheap Caravan Holidays

The problem with some cheap caravan holidays is that nearby entertainment could still be hours away.

Fortunately, those who search for cheap caravan holidays with Braddicks can be confident that there is always something to do, regardless of how old you are.

If you’ve got a passion for prizes, then why not test your skills with the many grab machines.

Maybe you’re looking for some entertainment with a more nostalgic overtone? Them why not make use of the class penny falls machine.

There’s nothing more exciting than winning a series of tickets in Hobarts and trading them in at the gift shop

Nightly Entertainment is Inclusive with Braddicks Caravan Holidays

As well as several immersive arcade machines, Braddicks Holiday Centre also offers nightly entertainment that includes acts performing hit songs, magic and even comedians.

Doors are open from 6.00 p.m. until late, so there’s never any need to be bored in the evening.

Although price can be an important factor in relation to cheap caravan holiday, so too can the experience on offer.

Although some prices may seem great in the first instance, there is the risk that more money could be spent on finding things to do.

Braddicks Holiday Centre understands that even cheap caravan holidays come with a budget in place and having everything close by ensures that this budget can be adhered to accordingly.

If you’re currently considering cheap caravan holidays in Devon and want to find out more about what Braddicks Holiday Centre can offer, then why not get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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