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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2015

Lyrid Meteor Shower 2015 Westward Ho! caravan parks Braddicks Holiday Centre

Peaking on the 22nd and 23rd April, the Lyrid meteor show will be lighting up the night’s sky with its beautiful display of shooting stars. Considered as the oldest-known meteor shower, the Lyrid Meteor show is set to be a particularly good one this year. This is due to the moon being a waxing crescent, meaning the moon will be slender and 1/15th of the brightness of a full moon. This means the sky will be darker than usual.

So, what are the Lyrids?

The Lyrids have been observed in April for the past 2,600 years, and are the strongest annual shower of meteors. These meteors are the debris that is shed from a larger Comet, which come into contact with the upper atmosphere at over 100,000 miles per hour! This evaporates the debris, which creates streaks of light, subsequently illuminating the sky.

How many meteors will I see?

There are a few ways to maximise the number of meteors a person may be able to spot. Ideal conditions would mean being in a place as dark as possible, with little light pollution and as clear skies as possible.

What do I need to watch the shower?

The great thing about this meteor show is the fact there isn’t a need for telescopes or binoculars, meaning people may be able to spot between 10 and 20 meteors per hour. Occasionally, these average numbers will greatly escalate, and this year may well be one of those years, so keep your eyes on the skies!

When do I need to watch?

The meteor shower is occurring all this week, but as previously mentioned, the peak is happening on the 22nd and 23rd April. Our Westward Ho! caravan parks are in the perfect location, as those who are watching the shower and are located in Europe will have the best chance of spotting the meteors over the coming few days. The ideal time to watch out for these showers is around midnight, but there is a chance that you will spot some meteors as soon as it gets dark, so keep your eyes peeled!


Image courtesy of theilr, under Creative Commons

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