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Miss Darcy: the world’s most travelled dog?

Leaving a dog behind when going to the kennels can not only invoke a great sense of guilt within you, but it can also create great feelings of separation anxiety. Research has shown that 65 per cent of pet owners experience separation anxiety themselves when leaving their pets behind, and this is going to be mirrored by the pet.Miss Darcy: the world’s most travelled dog dog friendly accommodation North Devon Braddicks Holiday Centre

One woman felt so guilty about leaving her pooch behind that she takes her along on her trips… Around the world!

Miss Darcy, the four-year-old cockapoo has travelled around the world, visiting 23 locations in 11 different countries, including New York, Paris and Milan.

It has been said that Miss Darcy has travelled nearly 25,000 miles since 2011, resulting in her being playfully dubbed as “Phileas Dog”. She has now been joined by a new travel companion in the shape of George, owner May Wong’s new dog.

Miss Darcy took twelve trips last year alone, and is said to be quite the seasoned traveller, handling trains and planes with ease!

If May and Miss Darcy are ever looking for dog friendly accommodation North Devon, they will be more than happy at home in one of our newly renovated pet villas! If you would like to follow in their footsteps (and paw prints) why not book yourself a villa with us here at Braddicks today?


Photo courtesy of Ren’s, under Creative Commons

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