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Partial solar eclipse to occur this week

The UK will be experiencing a partial solar eclipse on Friday 20th March, and you will be able to view it in North Devon!

The solar event is set to begin at 8.20 am, and just over an hour later at 9.25, the event will be at its peak, meaning the sun will be 80 per cent covered by the moon.Partial Solar Eclipse set to occur Westward Ho! Devon Braddicks Holiday Centre

This will result in a small portion of the sun still being on show, resulting in a crescent sun. This is the largest eclipse that the UK will see until 2026, so it is quite a significant and exciting event.

People have been advised to find clear ground, with nice scenery to fully enjoy the event, and located on the coast if possible. Luckily here in Westward Ho! Devon, we have all of those criteria in abundance!

On Thursday 19th March, the evening before the eclipse, you will be able to experience a Supermoon. This is where the moon and the earth are as close together as they can possibly be.

The 2015 Spring Equinox eclipse will therefore be a supermoon eclipse, which occurs when a supermoon, equinox and eclipse all fall on the same day.

If you are planning on watching the eclipse, experts have advised everyone to take as much care as possible to not damage their eyesight, and sometimes wearing sunglasses to view the event can be worse than wearing nothing at all.

If you are planning to watch the eclipse and are unsure of any equipment to use to capture the event, the North Devon Astronomical Society can be contacted for advice, and their website can be found here.

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