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Past to Present

Over the last 18 months so much in our lives has changed. The ability to travel freely abroad was taken away from us and many choose to enjoy a staycation this year. This has been an opportunity for UK tourism and hospitality services to showcase that you don’t need to travel abroad to have a great holiday.

We get that travelling abroad is once again an option, but we are honoured that so many people chose to holiday with us over the summer and beyond and we hope that you may continue to return to the resort and enjoy the wonder that is Westward Ho!

After reading and hearing how such positive reviews from guests who wouldn’t normally look to take a self-catering holiday in the UK and how impressed they were with the standard of accommodation, it got us thinking how much the holiday park has changed over the years.

This resulted in us taking a trip down memory lane and looking at old photos and brochures that we have kept.

We wanted to show you so of the images we came across so that you too can see how much Braddicks Holiday Centre has changed.

We have always been proud to be a family run and owned holiday park offering beachside holidays in the stunning coastal resort of Westward Ho! and we are continuously investing in the park to ensure that we are able to offer guests a fantastic holiday experience year after year.


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