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Science has proven people from Devon and Cornwall are not that similar!

A new analysis of local DNA has identified a number of genetic differences between people from Devon and people from Cornwall, and has found that they are pretty much divided perfectly by the borders between the two countiesScience proves people from Devon and Cornwall are not similar North Devon Holidays Braddicks Holiday Park.

The results have revealed the variations between the two regions are as significant as the difference between groups in England and Scotland. In basic terms, people from Devon and people from Cornwall are as different as chalk and cheese!

There were a total of 17 different genetic groups identified across the UK, with one of the main distinguishable factors between these groups is the levels of Anglo-Saxon DNA present.

The study also discovered a completely different genetic group found at the very edge of the country in Land’s End, which came as a surprise to everyone taking part!

The results from this study is being used to create the first genetic scale map of any country in the world. It has also proved that the genetic structure in Britain is very complex, whereas it was believed before that there was little genetic structure in the British makeup.

Many of these modern “clans” have been in the same place since the 6th century, meaning there has been little change in the past 1500 years within Britain.

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