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South West produces best food says Michael Caines

Two time Michelin star winning chef Michael Caines has been full of praise for the South West, stating that it is miles ahead of the rest of the UK when it comes to locally grown and reared food.South West produces best food says Michael Caines Braddicks Holiday Centre

Speaking at the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink this past weekend, Caines stated that the region is still streaking ahead, despite the rest of the UK starting to use more local produce.

Caines is the head chef of Gidleigh Park on the edge of Dartmoor, and stated that the South West is more switched on about buying local, and this is the reason that so many good businesses emerge from the region.

The South West has always had strong connections to the tourism industry, and Caines believes that food and drink play a large part in drawing people to the region.

He was then asked to name what he believed to be the best produce, but that proved to be too difficult for the chef, stating it was like asking a parent “which child do you love the most?”

Instead of naming just one, Caines reeled off a list, which including early spring lamb, asparagus, wild mushrooms and wild garlic. He also named shellfish and seafood as some of his favourites, and after a bit of gentle pushing, he finally named the latter as what he believed to be the best of the Westcountry.

His closing statement was that “We have the finest scallops, lobsters and shellfish. The crabs are bigger and better than anywhere else”.

Our beachside holiday park (Devon) makes great use of the local produce in our Pier House restaurant, so why not book a holiday today, and come and experience the fine produce on offer here in the South West.


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