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Why take a caravan holiday?

When it comes to planning a family holiday, it can often be a source of stress for many families. For a more cost effective alternative, a caravan holiday could be considered. According to figures published by the National Caravan Council, the number of people booking caravan or camping holidays have gone up by nearly 15 per cent over the past year.Why take a caravan holiday self-catering caravan holidays North Devon Braddicks holiday centre

Here are a few reasons why a caravan holiday should be considered:


Taking a caravan holiday offers a kind of freedom that isn’t often found with other holidays. You don’t have to stick to any rigid schedules or itineraries that can be found with when you take a break. Having your own built in kitchen means you can self-cater, eating whatever you want, when you want. Staying in a caravan can also give a more homely feel to your holiday, as you have your own living and sleeping space, allowing you to relax just like you would at home.

Less Expense

Hotel prices can often be very expensive, especially over extended periods of stay. Other holidays will also charge per person, meaning a family holiday will soon add up to extortionate amounts before you realise. The joy of a caravan holiday means you pay one price for the duration of your stay, meaning that the whole family can enjoy the trip.


One joy of waking up in a caravan is the fact you are surrounded by beautiful views, which cannot always be said when looking out the window of a hotel. Our caravan are situated with stunning views of the sea! Being situated in the quaint and wonderful village of Westward Ho! is a great advantage of one of our caravan holidays, with so many wonderful things on your doorstep. Examples of family activities nearby our holiday centre can be found here.

With spring fast approaching, why not have a look at one of our self-catering caravan holidays North Devon, and see for yourself all of the joys that a caravan holiday can bring?

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