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toddler holidays

Baby and Toddler holidays in North Devon

We understand that taking a baby or a toddler on holiday can fill you with fear – what about all the noise? Will my baby sleep? Oh Noooo, the travelling, boarding a plane…HELP!!!

Well, a holiday at Braddicks Holiday Centre is a great option.

No airport drama to contend with. No flight, worrying about your child crying or getting bored and avoiding those looks from people who aren’t travelling with young children!!

Staycations are wonderful for trying to keep your little one’s routine – naps, meals, bedtime etc – the same as when you’re at home. There is no baggage allowance so you can bring all the favourite toys and bedtime story books without worrying about the added weight. No time zones to cross and the dreaded jet lag to deal with – just an easy drive from the motorway along the Atlantic Highway into Westward Ho! – The Golden Bay and home to an award-winning blue flag beach.

This time of year is a much quieter time at the park so you won’t have to worry about any additional noise. There is a lovely peaceful and relaxed vibe to the park, which is perfect if you are travelling with young children. The beaches are quieter so your toddlers can roam with a little freedom and explore new surroundings without the fear of too many people crowding their little world. The local surrounding at the park offers a rich sensory environment for little ones, with the beach and rock pools to explore in one direction and fabulous bugs, insects and animals to spot whilst out and about in the other direction.

Our accommodation is perfect for a little extra space and privacy meaning your toddlers can run wild without the stress of affecting other guests and you can still follow a few of the routines you have worked hard to implement at home with our self-catering holidays.

Our villas come equipped with baths as we know, trying to shower a toddler or a baby just won’t cut it – and who wants to spend a week bathing a little one in the sink!! If your little ones are happy in a shower, or you want to bring a baby bath, our caravans are also great options. They are more like lodges and the showers are large enough to fit a baby bath inside. Our accommodation offers the perfect space for the whole family. Open plan living room and kitchen mean you can keep an eye on the children whilst packing a picnic to take to the park or the beach. The two or three bedrooms ensure that you and your partner can enjoy privacy without having to share a room and the little ones can enjoy a restful night in their own rooms without being disturbed by you going to bed or watching TV. With no stairs, you won’t have to worry about stair gates and our doors ensure that toddlers are unable to escape out of the accommodation as the openings are out of their reach.

Have a look at the accommodation options below and please contact us directly on 01237 473263 if we can help you further or you have any questions to ask.

Local restaurants are very welcoming of young families and will be sure to make you feel welcome so you can truly relax and enjoy a meal at any time of day or early evening. Great children’s menus and relaxed atmospheres can be enjoyed – although we can’t guarantee there won’t be any upset we know that local restauranteurs understand about life with young kids so you won’t have to worry about spillages or upset little ones.

Many local attractions also offer toddler days out and exciting events out of school term time which will keep the little ones entertained in a friendly and safe environment. We will be only too happy to help you find a great day out with the whole family that you all can enjoy whilst adding fuel to imaginations, but remember to go with the flow. There is nothing worse than trying to drag a grumpy child around a tourist hotspot, even during quieter months.

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