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What Should You Search for In a North Devon Holiday?

Sometimes the prospect of planning a holiday can be daunting.

Firstly, there is the accommodation to consider, as well as ensuring that there is plenty to do when we arrive.

Those looking to take a North Devon holiday will find that there is an abundance of accommodation available, as well as plenty of things to do.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should book the first North Devon holiday you come across, as you will want to ensure that the price you’re paying can offer everything you’re looking for, as well as ensuring that you’re not paying for services you’re not going to use.

Braddicks Holiday Centre appreciates some of the difficulties families can face when trying to book the perfect holiday, which is why it has simplified the whole process.

Why Choose Braddicks Holiday Centre to Book a North Devon Holiday?

As stated, some holidays aren’t always what they seem, which means some families can be left disappointed on their arrival.

This can be due to several reasons. Some may find that any form of entertainment is several miles away, while others can find that their accommodation isn’t quite what they expected,

Braddicks Holiday Centre has several years’ experience in the holiday sector, meaning that regardless of what type of North Devon holiday you’re searching for, Braddicks Holiday Centre can help in every instance.

Several Holiday Experiences to Choose From

One of the main problems with some holidays is that there is a lack of choice when it comes to holiday experiences available.

Some can be forced to make decisions on the spot but may want to change their plans later.

In other instances, some can find that the accommodation is limited, whereas those looking for something laidback can find that their dwellings can be too exuberant.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a caravan, villa or bed and breakfast option, Braddicks Holiday Centre can help in every instance.

As well as having a wide selection of caravans with sea views, there is also villa that allows more space for larger families and groups.

Those searching for a bed and breakfast experience can check-in at the Waterfront Inn, where all room are equipped with tea and coffee making facilities as well as a television and en-suite bathroom.

There’s also access to a play area, bar and barista coffee, so visitors can be confident that everything they need and more is nearby.

Accommodation Tailored to Pets Available

When we go on holiday, the last thing we want to do is leave our pets behind.

Fortunately, those booking a holiday via Braddicks Holiday Centre don’t have to worry about this, as it can offer a series of accommodation that has been tailored to accommodate pets.

Those searching for a caravan that’s suitable for their pet dog may want to take advantage of the Paws Caravan.

Not only is the Paws Caravan specifically designed for pets but can also sleep up to eight people.

There is a master en-suite bathroom and well as beautiful sea views that can be enjoyed at your luxury.

Looking for a villa? Then Braddicks Holiday Centre can offer a slew of options, including the Paws Platinum Villa that can sleep up to six people and offers sea views and a sun terrace.

Visitors can also enjoy allocated parking as well as accommodation that is perfect for all the family, even the four-legged family members.

A North Devon Holiday Offers All Sorts of Experiences

When considering a North Devon holiday for the first time, many may not know about the abundance of experiences available, and those who book a holiday with Braddicks Holiday Centre can enjoy it all in one location if they so wish.

Braddicks Holiday Centre not only offers an abundance of choice in relation to accommodation but can also ensure that everything you need is close to hand.

Are you a fan of live entertainment? Then why not check out the many live acts that perform at Braddicks Holiday Centre throughout the year, which included a series of musicians, magicians and comedians.

If you’re looking to enjoy some time with the children, then why not visit the Hobarts Family Centre and have some fun with the many arcade machines.

There is also the opportunity to win tickets, which allows children to test their skills and win some fabulous prizes in the process.

If you’re looking for a North Devon Holiday that’s not only meets your expectations but exceeds them then why not make a booking via Braddicks Holiday Centre today.


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